Shoes are one of those items that are important part of your personality. It is one of the first items that are being noticed where ever you go. If you are having too many shoes and you are facing trouble in arranging these then the best thing for you is to make some shoe racks. Making of DIY shoe racks is not a very difficult thing. You can also go for a closet but making a shoe rack is more workable option as it can take less space as compare to closet and look different too. Making of shoe rack is also an affordable yet easy task to do.

Empty Paint Cans

A shoe rack can simply be made of anything for example; you can use some empty paint cans that are available with you. You can paint these cans, add stylish decorations to it and then attach the base of these cans with the wall. Make sure that these cans are attached in line to give the shape of DIY shoe rack. You can place a pair of shoe in each can. This way you will be able to make a beautiful shoe rack without spending a lot of money.

Wooden Crates

If you are looking for a classy farmhouse looking shoe rack at the entrance of your farmhouse or even at your home then there is no better way than to go for the wooden crates. You just need few empty wooden crates, and place these one on another in line to give it the rack shape. You can place your shoes in this Do it your self shoe rack in style.


If you love skiing then you must have some old skateboards available with you. You can make a DIY shoe rack with the help of these old skateboards by using these as shelves in your room or garage.