If you are having a beautiful garden at your home and you are looking to attract birds and want them to visit your garden, then you just need to take some easy and simple step like making some DIY bird feeders. For this you need to utilize your own skill as you can make bird feeders by repurposing different items available at home. This way you will also save the money which can be spent for purchasing birdseed. Following are some ideas in this regard.

Tin can or Mason jar Feeder

One of the easiest ideas to start with is to go for a bird feeder made of Mason jar or tin can. You can hang it with ribbon, twine or leather and place a perch so that the birds can land easily on it to get the food.

Milk or Juice Carton Feeder

If you have kids at home, you should involve them in executing this nice idea of having a DIY bird feeder with the help of juice or milk carton. They can surely decorate the carton and can also make a bird house of it. Use this creativity to make a beautiful bird feeder for your birdy friends.

Plastic Bottle Bird Feeder

Empty plastic bottles can serve a great DIY bird feeder. You just need to have an empty plastic bottle. Fill it with bird favorite seed. Now take a utility blade and make holes to the bottle. Insert two wooden spoon in such a way that the spoon head should be out of the bottle and the holes you made should be used to bring down the seeds to the spoon head outside the bottle from where birds can eat that.

These are few ideas from which you can choose the best depending upon your choice and requirements. Good luck!