Do you know that your bathroom is not just a place for shower, it is more than that. It is a place where you can chill out and relax after your hectic day. It will become more wonderful if you have a beautiful tub in place. So to make your bathroom look nice, clean and beautiful you need some beautiful DIY bathroom Vanity. You can search different option and styles from both online as well as offline sources to select the best one as per your choice.

If you are looking for a fun activity on this weekend and you know how to use tools and materials, then you can make the bathroom vanity by yourself. It is easy to make a DIY bathroom vanity from repurposed furniture items. For example the easiest is to go for a bathroom vanity made of old desk or dresser cabinets. You just have to work a little bit on this old furniture pieces and you will get a beautiful new bathroom vanity.

Rustic Wooden Bathroom Vanity


First and the easiest idea is to go for a rustic wooden DIY bathroom vanity. For this you need to take wooden pieces as per your required dimensions. Attach and install these at a proper place and use it as storage for your bathroom towels and other necessary items. Other than this you can also place a small basket under the cabinet where you can store some basic bathroom necessities. This project will also not cost you much.

Fence Board Vanity

If you have just dismantle a wooden fence from your garden, then don`t throw it away. You can use it for building a fence board bathroom vanity under your bathroom sink. This project won`t take too long. If you have all the resources available with you, then you can complete this within a day.