How to perform DIY birdbath projects

If your garden welcomes a number of different birds trough out the day, and you are feeling that summers have just started or around the corner and birds need to take birdbath, then why don`t you place some DIY birdbaths in your garden. If you like this idea, then following is the list of material which is required for DIY birdbath project. You can engage your children with you to make some beautiful birdbaths.

  • 1 terracotta saucer
  • 1 terracotta plant pot, it should be little smaller than the size of saucer you have chosen.
  • Waterproof Glue or something similar to it.
  • Sealer Spray/ Clear Lacquer
  • Acrylic child friendly craft paint along with brushes

Steps to follow

  1. First of all you need to turn the pot upside down and put some glue on its bottom.
  2. Second step is to turn your saucer upside down and then press the glued surface of pot firmly in the middle of upside down saucer. Hold it here for one minute. You children can help you in this.
  3. Now you will find them attached to each other, but before working on further, you need to let it dry for some hours. If you can keep it for a whole night it will be perfect.
  4. The next step in DIY birdbath project is that when you find it firmly attached together then you should start with the paint job. It’s better to choose one single color for your whole birdbath project.
  5. If you have given this responsibility of painting to your children then you just sit back and relax, they can do it with much joy and ease. Mostly children prefer to use different colors for DIY birdbath projects, so if this is so, then don`t stop or discourage them from doing so. Good luck!