If you have shifted to a new house and you are looking to settle in well with by adding some new pieces of furniture especially if you are looking to add an additional bed to your room then why don`t you try a DIY Pallet bed idea. Pallet bed is now days commonly used and can also be made with easy. Once you made the bed you just need to put the new mattress and you are done. So if you agree to an idea of having a pallet bed then you should start by finding some quality wood pallets. For this you must make proper search and get the best quality pallets so you don`t have to face any difficulty while making your bed.

After getting the required pallets you need to check the mattress measurement. If there are little adjustments required then you can do it by cutting the pallets. You can adjust both length and width by cutting the edges. Make sure that you cut the pallets perfectly and make the edges smooth, otherwise it can create problem for you. If you have some experience of woodworking then you should cut the pallet pieces yourself, but if you are not sure that you can do it with ease and perfection then you can also take help from your local area hardware store. Once you get the required measurement for DIY pallet bed by cutting and adjusting the size, the next step is to bring them together in your room and screw these so that they can be fixed properly. Make sure you drill the screws perfectly so the bed pallets won`t get loose and you don`t face problem afterwards. After fixing the pallets you just need to bring the mattress in and place it on the wood pallets and enjoy your new bed.