If you are thinking that the green wall is the concept of the modern world that doesn`t exist in ancient times then you are mistaken. This is something that already exists since centuries and hanging gardens are also considered as one of the greatest wonders of the ancient world. If you have some basic DIY skills then making some beautiful DIY living fence art will be a delightful experience for you. The following are some of the options that are greatly helpful for you in making a living fence.

DIY Pallet Living Wall

To start with a simple yet beautiful option for DIY living fence art is to start installing the shipping pallets. For this, you can use old pallets. This is not an easy and simple task, but once it is done the result will be a very beautiful attractive living wall.

Hanging Flower Box

Another option that can help you in making your interior, as well as exterior walls, look great and lively is to use a hanging flower box. For this, you just need some beautiful flower planters and boxes to hang on the walls. You can color these planters as per your interior decoration color scheme or with any other color that you like. Further, you can also plant beautiful flowers and small trees and herbs in these planters to give a natural DIY living fence art look. Before you start this idea make sure you select the flowers that you wanted to grow in these flower boxes. For this, you can also consult your local area nurserymen and also with your own family members. Maybe some of your family members have some kind of medical issues and problems with any specific kind of flowers or plants, in this case you need to drop the idea of planting that specific breed.