Is it your girlfriend big day and you are confused about the selection of gift? If this is so, then don`t worry there are many easy options available for you from which you can select the best one. In case if you don`t like the idea of buying a gift from the market, then you can go for DIY category. There are some beautiful DIY gift ideas available from which you can select the few to execute. This will also be a unique way to gift your girlfriend as your DIY gift can be the one that only you can give her.


Scrapbook is one of those DIY gifts ideas that can be really perfect for this occasion. It provides you freedom to use your creativity to show your love. You can decorate the scrapbook with song lyrics, her pictures and few quotes that can show her the love. Further you can also use her favorite colors to decorate the scrapbook.

Photo Frame

Another great option for a customized DIY gift idea is to go for a photo frame. You need to purchase a photo frame as big as you can afford. Now you should collect all the photos of your girlfriend that you have and place these in that single photo frame. You can also add few photos where both of you are together. You can also edit some old photos to give a different new look.

Letter Collection

If there are still few days left in your girlfriends birthday, then why don`t you start writing her letters every day. Yes! This is a great idea. You just need to write her every day on anything you want to say, but remember only focuses on positive things. On the big day, bind these letters in a book shape and give it to her as birthday present.