There are scores of catalogues and resources for the discerning to choose the decoration that best fits the house. The Chalet style is described as decoration that involves elegant and elaborate use of cottage materials, wood, log, reminiscent of a cabin.

The Chalet style of interior decoration is very popular in hill side and mountainous regions where the benefits of the Chalet layout are evident. Elaborate use of wood can act as a natural insulator against the outside cold and keeps the occupants relatively warmer. It goes without saying that furniture naturally blend in with the Chalet layout. However, it’s important that the right shades of furniture textures are used when going for the Chalet layout. Chalet styled hotels are a combination of wood and stone and they could come in a variety of stones and woods.

A Chalet styled house is a perfect complement to a beautiful mountain background or a hill with a brook flowing through the woods. Chalet styled interior decorations offer the warm and ambience as the materials used are natural.

When considering a Chalet styled layout it is important the user look consider the surrounding or else it will look out of place. It isn’t always recommended to have a chalet style design if the house is located in an area that experiences heavy rain. Chalet designs have been redefined over the years and have found variants in different parts of the world. For instance Chalets may have certain variations in the wood, roof or window styling in France or Switzerland. A Chalet design is also conducive to wine cellars and is commonly found in French houses.

Chalets are commonly used as vacation retreats or a place where the owner spends to retire to after a hectic year’s work. It is common in Chalet based designs to have a large balcony, lovely bathrooms. Chalet style designs also should be accentuated by hanging souvenirs on the wall, impressive paintings and a dim lamp that completes the effect.

Traditional houses designed in the Chalet style have large windows, projecting roofs and raised with stone foundations that make it look more authentic. The material of choice for such houses is rough cut lumber which could also do with some synthetic surface. The whole combination of wood and stone gives it the rustic charm to the house.