If one room could sum up the reason why you would want to be home, the bedroom could be best candidate and decorating it is certainly a personal affair.

If the hall is meant to please the rest of the family, your neighbors, friends and visitors, the bedroom is your own abode and is probably the true reflection of your tastes. So if you are discerning person with good tastes or you would like to do off with the archaic, conventional looks that your bedroom offers, go ahead with decorating and revamping your bedroom. There are loads of books that offer decorating ideas for your bedroom no matter what your personality and taste. The internet is also an ideal place to look for design tips and suggestions.

World famous design consultants are known to regularly suggest ideas, designs and layouts for your bedroom decoration. However the predominant theme of the design should suggest relaxation, serenity and quietness. After all, the bedroom is the place where you’d like to relax, laze, spend time reading and of course go to sleep and hence colors of high activity won’t particularly help in the bedroom.

People misconceive the idea of bedroom decoration with designing the bed. Of course the bed is a major component of the bedroom and should take up the focus of the bedroom design but the ambience and other artifacts of the room can leave an equally charming effect. Also ask yourself a few questions before you venture out on decorating your bedroom. Do you want design, utility or both?

In terms of utility, consider storage space, lighting to focus on your reading, seating etc. Consider painting the walls with warm neutral colors for instance consider peach, light grey, light beige, light sky blue, light shades of green as they have soothing effect on your eyes. Never consider sharp, bright colors like red rubber stamping, stenciling is also a good alternative though it must be done with discretion and with reference to design books to avoid overdoing and spoiling the intent. There are thousands of rubbers stamping layout available on the internet and a little creative work is all that is required.

Another important aspect of bedroom decorating is the lighting; proper lighting can ensure that your room gets the final touch and the romanticism you want. Last but not the least, the clothes, the window draping, and the bed sheets make up the reminder of your dream bed room. Consider using exotic or romantic design prints on along with soft touchable fabric.