Have you ever faced the situation where you wanted another toilet paper roll, but there was none present. This surely is a very difficult and embarrassing situation. So if you have faced this once and don`t want to face this again, then the best thing that you can do is to have a beautiful DIY toilet paper holder in your toilet where you can store your extra toilet paper roll that can be used in this situation. There are many beautiful DIY ideas that you can execute easily without spending too much of money.  Following are some examples.

A Rolling Cart

If you have a rolling cart laying vacant in your home that you are looking to get rid of, then it is better that you should use it in your toilet to add storage facility. This way you will not only be able to store toilet rolls but also other necessary items like towels, toiletries and other such things.

Wire Basket

Another solution available for storage of toilet items and toilet rolls is to hang a wire basket in your toilet. It will also serve you as a storage facility as well as DIY toilet paper holder.

Magazine Holder

Another option that is there for you is to use the magazine holder in your toilet, but not for keeping magazines but for storing toilet paper rolls. This is an easy DIY toilet paper holder that can be made without any difficulty.

Old Crate

One more thing that you can do is to use an old rustic crate for storing your toilet paper rolls. You can give it a unique look by placing a vintage number plate in front of to block most of the opening. It will surely make a nice DIY toilet paper holder.