Also isn’t the bathroom too small or wet to even think of decorations or design ideas?

Well even though the argument is valid, the idea of a good bathroom decoration is a good complement to your well decorated house. Also a good bathroom will rev up your mood in the morning after all wouldn’t you like the ambience of a good bathroom when you spend some time in there, especially in the tubs.

Good decorating ideas don’t have to come from the heads of great designers; you can replicate the same too. There are scores of tips and bathroom decorating ideasavailable on the Internet that can guide you to accomplishing just that. Of course bathroom decorating does not have to be restructured or heavily remodeled. It can be done with a few changes and additions here and there. Go ahead, read some of the ideas and transform your bathroom into a haven that is an epitome of tranquility, relaxation and pleasure something you may not experience in other rooms.

Bathroom decorating ideas

First up, here is an idea that is commonly implemented. Get on to painting your walls or installing distinct patterns or wall coverings. You could either go about pasting wall papers or apply rubber stamps to your bathroom walls. Wall papers are ready made and come in a variety of patterns that you could install, however it takes more time as compared to painting. Rubber stamping your bathroom walls with designs is also a good idea, but it is suggested that you refer to books or resources on the internet before you venture out.

Then comes lighting ideas and this is again the most important part of your bathroom decorating. Well placed lighting can enhance the effects of the paintings and expensive exquisite bathroom accessories or paintings and sculptures. For large bathroom consider using ambient with the help of ceiling lights and spot or task lights should be handled by lights around the mirror. The ambient light should be dim, low wattage with dimmer settings. It is also recommender that you have a large mirror to amplify the lighting effect and give the room depth.

Another good bathroom decorating idea would be to have sculptures, motifs, objects, portraits to reflect your personality. It is also a good decorating idea to have porcelain vases, the color of the porcelain should be chosen on the theme of your bathroom color. Instead of conventional boxes to hold your toothbrushes and other toiletries, you could consider decorative boxes.