You could get scores of decorating ideas from the Internet and have your room decorated in the colors other than the conventional peach wall paint. The theme for this year is the Americana theme.

In keeping up with patriotism and to show the patriotism in our homes there is nothing better than the red, blue and white color to adorn the walls and decorations in our homes. Now the red, white and blue are primary colors and lend a strong contrast to each other, hence it has to be used with discretion to prevent losing the effectiveness of these colors.

According to an expert in the field of Americana house design and ideas it is important that when the walls are colored in pure white, not beige or in paler shades but off white to accentuate the other colors. Do not paint the walls blue or red as they are dark colors and could leave the house looking dark. However, a single portion of the wall for example the wall behind the bed can be painted in red or blue color. The blue can take paler shades and not the dark, solid blue color.

Another enhancement to this Americana theme would be lending a rustic, old western or country theme to the house. Once you have the colors in place decorate the house with matching accessories to fit the party theme or complement a variety of home decor styles; rustic folk art, farm, patriotic, teddy beats, western (horses etc.).

Americana is a reflection of the Great American dream right from the early days and farming has been one of the precursors of this great success story. The Americana theme should adorn the house with relics and pieces of the farm legacy. For e.g. Wall Clocks, Wood Serving Tray, Tile Serving Tray, Large Glass Cutting Board, Small Glass Cutting Board, Coffee Mugs, Framed Trivet, Corkboard, Oil Bottles.

July would be an excellent time to redo the theme and apply the Americana decorationideas. Change the home furnishings and accessories with the red, white and blue. The great colors look great in a traditional or a contemporary setting.

The Denim is an American invention and for a change you could consider changing the upholstery in denim material in great shades of blue. Patriotic cutlery and dinnerware, table linen and centerpieces will also match the occasion and make the house look great. For the outdoor, consider using hammocks of red, white and blue.