Mostly people feel annoyed about newspapers and magazines being spread all over the place in office or at home. You can sometime even found these in your kitchen too, if you don`t organize these properly. If you are also facing the same issue and looking for some quick and easy solution then don`t worry, following are some DIY magazine holder ideas that can work perfectly for your problem.

Magazine Rack

Magazine rack is one of the quick fixes to this solution. You can make the rack as per your requirements or can purchase the one from any local area store or online sources. Do measure the space where you wanted to place the rack so that you can make the purchase accordingly and it can also fit the space perfectly.

Hanger Magazine Rack

Another easy and simple option is to turn your wire hanger into a magazine rack. For this you just need wire hanger and nails. You should bend the hanger legs and the sides must be straightening out. You are almost done just hang it on the wall and start hanging your books and magazines onto the hanger.

Recycle Bottle Magazine Holder

This is one of the easiest options for DIY magazine holder that you can exercise. For this you just need few empty bottles either of glass or plastic. Only thing you need to do is to the cut the upper portion of the bottles carefully and make sure that they are now of equal size and at equal level. Now you need to vertically attach them to wall or anywhere you want. It will provide you independent compartment option.

These are few ideas with which you will be able to organize your newspapers and magazines without any difficulty. Do try the DIY magazine holder ideas at home to show your creativity.